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Utility / Tax Payments

Utility Bill Payments




City of Dover Utiltiy Bills and Property Tax payments can be made using a VISA/MASTER CREDIT/DEBIT CARD or eCheck. There is no fee to use our online payment option, only a maximum payment limit of $5000.00 per month. A processing fee will be required for all returned payment transactions and future use of the online option will be denied.


ELECTRIC BILL **** What You Will Need **** (ex., utility customer#: 12345-67890) 


  • Mailing Utility Bill Payments:
    • City of Dover Utility, PO Box 15040, Wilmington, DE 19886-5040
  • Drive-up Window:
    • During business hours, you can pay your utility bill only with cash, check, or money order at our 5 E Reed St. location.
  • Drop-Box:
    • After-hour payments can be made at the outside drive-up box or at the Reed St. side of the building.
      • (Payments placed in the drop box will not avoid disconnection of service if your account is delinquent.)



City of Dover Tax Payment

The City's tax rate is determined each year by the City Council. Tax bills are sent the beginning of July and are due by July 31st of each year. A 11/2 percent per month penalty is added to all unpaid tax bills beginning on August 1st. Inquiries concerning Assessed Value, Re-evaluation Assessment, Senior Tax Discount, Sheriff Sale, Monitions, property tax sales, and Deed Transfers contact the Tax Assessor's Office at 302-736-7022 for further details. For the current tax rate click here.


PROPERTY TAX **** What You Will Need **** (ex., utility customer#: 12345-67890) or (Tax Acct#: 0999)


  • Mailing Tax Payments:
    • City of Dover Utility, PO Box 15558, Wilmington, DE 19886-5558
  • Customer Services - Cashier's:
    • Cashier location accept tax payments: Monday - Friday 8:30 - 5:00pm. Have your tax statement available in order to avoid delays.



Preauthorized Payment Plan

The City of Dover offers an easy way to pay your monthly utility bill automatically  from your specified checking or savings account. The Preauthorized Payment Plan offers the following advantages:

  • Worry free monthly deductions.
  • Assures timely payment of your utility bill each month.
  • Prevents additional charges for late payment.
  • Prevents waiting in line.

To begin print and fill out the Preauthorize Payment Plan form and enclose it with your check when you mail your next payment.

  • Please make certain the check you send is the account from which you wish to have future utility payments made.
  • If you have multiply utility account from which you desire this service, specify each utility account number involved.

To confirm the transition is complete:

  • Due to banking rules and regulations and our own procedures:
    • It takes approximately two months to make the transition from manual pay to the Preauthorized Payment Plan.
  • A message will appear on the lower portion of your monthly utility bill.
    • The amount of your bill will be "bank drafted from your account".
    • The amount of your bill will be bank drafted on the scheduled due date.



IMPORTANT: Customers using an online payment agency should be aware that the City does not accept payment via EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer), nor automatic deductions from your debit or credit card.















DISCLAIMER: The information is prepared for you as a general guide to our utility policy. Please understand that it does not cover all circumstances and that it might not include specific details on a subject which interests you. If you have questions that are not covered here or want information on any subject, please give us a call. We are here to serve you!