The Council Committees Meeting was held on October 12, 1998, at 6:55 p.m., with Councilman Salters presiding in the absence of Council President Christiansen. Members of Council present were Mr. Lambert, Mr. Leary, Mr. Pitts (arrived at 7:10 p.m.), Mr. Truitt, Mr. Carey, Mrs. Malone, Mr. Weller, and Mayor Hutchison.


Mrs. Malone requested that the Parks and Recreation Committee meeting convene prior to the Legislative and Finance Committee. Mr. Leary moved for approval of the agenda as amended, seconded by Mr. Carey and unanimously carried.


The Parks and Recreation Committee met with Chairwoman Malone presiding. Members present were Councilman Truitt, Mrs. Maxted, and Mrs. Moerschel.


With their recent reorganization, the Greater Dover Arts Council (GDAC) provided a reorganization presentation to committee members. Ms. Rosemary Woodward addressed members on behalf of Mrs. Jane Richter, Chairperson of the GDAC, explaining that the Dover Arts Council changed their name to the Greater Dover Arts Council due to some confusion and to better distinguish them from the Dover Art League. Ms. Woodward advised members that the GDAC will concentrate on functioning as an umbrella organization to assist other art organizations, which will be contacted so that their needs can be assessed.

Ms. Woodward stated that, in order to enhance the quality of life and to contribute to the economic vitality of the Greater Dover Area, the GDAC’s mission is to promote excellence, access, and education in the visual and performing arts by promoting and assisting arts organizations of the Greater Dover Area. The purposes and goals of the GDAC are as follows: to dedicate itself to the purpose of making quality cultural and quality arts educational experiences available to the community; to enhance collaboration among visual and performing arts programs to enhance the quality of life in the area; to encourage program development in the areas of visual displays by assisting arts organizations technically, financially, and promotionally; to provide resource information and provide an arts calendar; and to assist in seeking funding for support of the visual and performing arts in the Greater Dover Area.

Since there is a need for marketing and promotion, the GDAC has decided to compile and publish, on a quarterly basis, a combined arts calendar with a summary of all cultural and arts organizations’ functions. They are currently working on a recognizable logo and format for the calendar.

Mr. O’Connor stated that, with regard to the improvements being made to the Dover Art League building on Loockerman Street, the City appreciates the reinvestment in downtown Dover.

Mrs. Malone moved to recommend acceptance of the Reorganization Presentation, seconded by Mr. Truitt and unanimously carried.


The Legislative and Finance Committee met with Councilman Leary presiding. Members present were Councilwoman Malone, Mr. Gorman and Mr. Merritt. Mr. Carey was deputized to serve on behalf of Mr. Salters.

AS/400 Equipment Additions

Due to the increased storage of historical information and the storage space necessary for program testing, the current AS/400 tape drive is capable of backing up only half of the City’s existing disk storage capacity. The purchase of a new tape drive is necessary to meet the City’s storage needs. Additionally, the AS/400 operating system is becoming obsolete and should also be upgraded. Upgrading the operating system will provide support for newer tape drives and will improve the system’s response time.

The Information Services Department solicited bids for a tape drive, tapes, the operating system upgrade, and a one-year version protection program which will guarantee free operating system upgrades for one year. Bids were submitted by four (4) vendors as follows:


                        Quinn Data Corporation                     $30,453.00   (Withdrawn 9/28/98)

                        HTE, Inc.                                             33,070.30

                        Black Oak Computer Services             33,521.38

                        IBM Direct                                           36,418.00

The Information Services Department budgeted $25,000 in the 1998/1999 CIP for this project. The additional funds will be transferred from the Information Services Department’s Computer Software account. Staff recommended awarding the bid to HTE, Inc. in the amount of $33,070.30.

Mr. Carey moved to recommend acceptance of staff’s recommendation, seconded by Mrs. Malone and unanimously carried.

Election Workers - Social Security Policy

At the present time, reimbursement to City election workers is exempt from Social Security tax up to $50. According to the National Conference of State Social Security Administrators and the State of Delaware, social security and medicare taxes may not be levied on wages paid up to $999 to any election worker during one calendar year. Staff submitted a Resolution to formalize the practice of excluding social security and medicare coverage for election workers and increase the wages to less than $1,000.

Mrs. Malone moved to recommend adoption of the Resolution, as recommended by staff (Attachment #1). The motion was seconded by Mr. Carey and unanimously carried.

Proposed Ordinance - Budget Revisions

To meet the changing needs of the City’s operations and to update revenues, the City revises the budget three or four times a year. The Finance Director/Treasurer submitted the first proposed revisions to the 1998/99 budget.

Mrs. Malone moved to recommend acceptance of the proposed budget revisions (Attachment #2), as recommended by staff. The motion was seconded by Mr. Carey and unanimously carried.


The Utility Committee met with Councilman Lambert presiding. Members present were Councilmen Carey and Weller. Councilwoman Malone and Councilman Leary were deputized to serve in the absence of Mr. Kramedas and Mr. Farling.

Bid - Puncheon Run Connector

In conjunction with the Puncheon Run Connector project, bids were solicited for the relocation of electric lines and equipment. The total cost to the City is $247,992.86, including labor and material. Funding for the project, in the amount of $347,482.86, is available in the Electric Improvement and Extension Fund and will be reimbursed by the State of Delaware.

The low bid was received from Fry Electric in the amount of $99,490. Staff recommended that the bid for the outside contractor’s work be awarded to Fry Electric, in the amount of $99,490.

Mr. Leary moved to recommend approval of staff’s recommendation, seconded by Mr. Weller and unanimously carried.

Street Waiver Request - Enterprise Business Park

Subdivision Regulations, Appendix A of the City Code, Article VI, Section A, specify a street pavement width of 38' within a 60' right-of-way with no variation given for whether on-street parking is controlled. A petition to waive certain subdivision street design standards has been received for Enterprise Business Park. The street waiver requests are summarized as follows:


1)  Waiver from the 60ʹ minimum right-of-way requirement, to permit a 50ʹ right-of-way width.


2)  Waiver from the 38ʹ paved width for public streets, to permit a paved width of 32ʹ.

The Planning Commission recommended approval of the street waiver requests. In making its decision, the Planning Commission considered that the proposed project is an industrial subdivision with off-street parking provided for all employees. Restricting parking along the main through street eliminates the need for a 38ʹ pavement width and 60ʹ right-of-way. The waiver eliminates unnecessary impervious surfaces which increase stormwater and maintenance costs.

Mrs. Malone moved to recommend approval of the requested street waivers for the Enterprise Business Park Subdivision, as recommended by staff and the Planning Commission. The motion was seconded by Mr. Leary and unanimously carried.

Mr. Leary moved to adjourn, seconded by Mr. Weller and unanimously carried.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:25 P.M.

                                                                                    Respectfully submitted,

                                                                                    Reuben Salters