James L. Hutchison, Sr.

Contact Methods

E-mail: Contact James L. Hutchison, Sr.

Phone:  (302) 678-9595

Phone: City Clerk's Office at (302) 736-7008

Mailing Address:
James L. Hutchison
P.O. Box 475
Dover, DE 19903-0475

Political Details

Title: Representative - 1st District
First Elected: 5/2011
Current Term: 05/2013 - 5/2017
Party: Non-Partisan

Previous Terms: Councilman At-Large (1993-1994)
Mayor (1994-2004)


Chair: Safety Advisory and Transportation Committee

Member: Ad Hoc Financial and Operational Advisory Committee; Parks, Recreation, and Community Enhancement Committee; and President's Counsel on Public/Private Partnerships and the Future of City Hall, Weyandt Hall, Former Dover Library and Other City Properties

Liaison: City/County Committee (Liaison to Kent County)

Former Chair: Code Board of Appeals

Former Member: Kent Economic Partnership; Long Range Transportation Plan - Kent County MPR Ad-Hoc Committee; and Utility Committee

Former Liaison: Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce; and Greater Dover Committee