Fall Leaf Collection




The Department of Public Works announces the following schedule for the collection of leaves:  Starting October 18, 2021 and ending January 14, 2022 LEAVES MAY BE PLACED IN THE CITY STREET FOR COLLECTION.  


For most areas leaves in the street will be collected the day after your normal trash pickup day by a leaf vacuum truck.  Those areas with trash pickup on Friday will have their leaves picked up on Mondays during the scheduled collection period.  Many areas where street sweeping occurs overnight will have their leaves collected on the street sweeping schedule. Leaf piles in alleys will be collected at the end of leaf collection season in January. For clarification, please contact our office.


Leaf Collection Guidelines

•      Put out leaf piles one day prior to your designated collection day only.

•      Keep Leaf piles no larger than 3 feet wide by 3 feet tall.

•      Do not place leaf piles near catch basins or within the gutter pan.

•      Provide a clear space of 3 feet on either end of leaf piles. 

•      Do not bag or tarp piles as the bags and tarps cannot be collected by the vacuum.

•      Do not place limbs, sod, concrete, trash, or other foreign materials (including dog waste) in leaf piles as they cannot be collected.

•      Leaf Piles left in roadways, in the gutter pan, or on catch basins can cause flooding when it rains.

Leaf piles that do not meet specifications will be left at the curb! You may set out yard waste according to the rules below on your regular yard waste day during leaf collection season.


After January 14, 2022, regular yard waste collection rules apply.  All leaves must be placed in privately owned 35 gallon or less plastic yard waste containers.  Yard waste containers are picked up on the regular weekly collection schedule.  Only loose leaves/yard waste material (i.e. grass clippings) can be placed inside the containers.  No plastic or paper bags can be used. 


Questions?  Call Public Works at 736-7025.


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