2019 Comprehensive Plan

What is Dover's 2019 Comprehensive Plan? 

The City's  Comprehensive Plan  is a roadmap for Dover's future growth and development addressing where people will live and work, how essential services will be provided, and how the City can ensure a high quality of life. It is an important informational, policy, and regulatory document. The City Council and The Planning Commission use it as the foundation for rezoning, annexations, and other land use decisions.

The City of Dover Planning Office is please to announce that the 2019 Comprehensive Plan received a Recommendation of Approval from the Dover Planning Commission on December 16, 2019 and was Adopted by the Dover City Council on January 13, 2020 and the Plan has been Certified by the State. 

The Plan is available for download below along with the individual maps contained within the document. If you have any questions regarding the Comprehensive Plan please email CompPlan@dover.de.us. 

2019 Comprehensive Plan Downloads

PublishedDocument TitleFormatSize
03.08.20212019 Comprehensive Plan (Full Document)PDF20.3 MB
02.03.2020Map 1-1 LocationPDF501.3 KB
02.05.2020Map 1-2 Aerial ViewPDF1.8 MB
02.03.2020Map 2-1 AnnexationsPDF489.3 KB
02.03.2020Map 2-2 Existing Land UsePDF1.0 MB
02.03.2020Map 5-1 Natural FeaturesPDF649.5 KB
02.03.2020Map 5-2 Source WaterPDF516.0 KB
02.03.2020Map 5-3 Lands Under PreservationPDF644.8 KB
02.03.2020Map 6-1A Historic ResourcesPDF524.7 KB
02.03.2020Map 6-1B Historic ResourcesPDF534.2 KB
02.03.2020Map 8-1 Park & FacilitiesPDF497.3 KB
02.03.2020Map 9-1 State & City Maintained StreetsPDF726.9 KB
02.03.2020Map 9-2 Street Functional ClassificationPDF489.8 KB
02.03.2020Map 9-3 Byways & TrailsPDF571.0 KB
02.03.2020Map 9-4 Low Level Service AreasPDF572.2 KB
02.03.2020Map 10-1 Downtown Redevelopment AreasPDF534.3 KB
02.03.2020Map 11-1 Low & Moderate Income AreasPDF499.7 KB
06.14.2021Map 12-1 Land Development PlanPDF821.6 KB
02.04.2020Map 13-1 Potential Annexation AreasPDF546.2 KB
02.04.2020Map 13-2 Potential Land Use for Annexation AreasPDF549.2 KB
02.04.2020Map 14-1 State Investment StrategiesPDF1.7 MB