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     Weather Line:  736-7155     

     League Coordinator: Steve Pickering
 (302) 736-7050 

2021 Kent County Church Softball League

2021 KCCL Softball Schedule

 Softball - 2021 KCCL Playoff Bracket  (revised 7/21)

Please note COVID-19 guidelines and protocols will be in effect.



  When submitting your line-up card to the umpire it must your have team name & date of the game.  
  When listing player names they MUST be listed with the  first intial  and  last name  
  Player names may NOT be listed with first name only and NO nicknames.  
  Any player listed on your line-up card that is not easily identifiable as a player on your roster WILL NOT BE CREDITED FOR PLAYING IN THAT GAME.  


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    League Documents            

      2018 Summer Co Ed Softball By-Laws      


        Softball Team Roster Form        

         Waiver Form under 18 yrs.        

       DE Code - Abuse of a Sports Official        



 Reminders      :  

 No parking on the grass or driving to the fields, please use the designated parking lots only. 


 Alcohol use and possession in City Parks is against the law.  Dover Police regularly patrol the Parks and parking lots and will issue citations for violations.  Violators will also be suspended from the league. 


 Scores are to be called in prior to 9am the following morning.  Winning team manager is to call 736-7050 and leave a message with game score immediately after the game.   


 Field lights must be turned off immediately following the last game of the night on that field.