Emergency Management

 Emergency Management Office 
  Monday - Friday (8:30AM - 5:00PM)

 Office Phone: 
 (302) 736-7003

 Office Fax: 
 (302) 736-7002

 For questions pertaining to Emergency Management please contact: 
  Kay Sass

 Mailing Address: 
 City Hall
 PO Box 475
 Dover, DE 19903

 Emergencies can happen at any time. We all know it takes a great deal of planning but it also takes the expertise of communicating within our local government, in our community and branching out to others when we need assistance. The City of Dover has made several changes over the past few years and City Council recognizes the importance of having plans in place in case of an  emergency. Our priority is always life safety.
 Please take a few minutes and browse on the links provided to educate yourself on ways you can make you and your family safe in case of any emergency.
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Below are several links to browse through. Tips on understanding weather notices, how to drive in storms, what to do if you are stuck in one, protecting those we love and our property and much more.

    (We are not endorsing any third parties mentioned in any links, it was simply due to the information being valuable enough to share with you.)  

 Severe Weather Advisory Information 

 How to drive safely - before, during and after a storm 

 Emergency Kits & Shelter in place information 

 Prepare a safe room 

 Protect your Property Learn how to protect your home or business 

 Tips for Seniors for Emergency Preparedness 

 Hurricane Preparedness Tips for Families 

 Sample Disaster Supply List 


 NOAA All Hazard Weather Radio 


 Dover Police 

 Dover Fire Department 

 Fire Marshal’s Office 

 Fire Safety and Plans:  A site designed to aid you and your family on how to deal with preparing plans in case of a fire.

 Pages for Kids  : This is a wonderful site to teach your children about fire safety