Electric Engineering

In general, the Engineering Division of the Electric Department has the responsibility of providing Electric Engineering Services related to design and long-range planning. It is responsible for the following tasks:

  • Conducts plan review and approval of all new building sites and developments.
  • Conducts plan review and contract administration of capital improvements projects being designed by consultants.
  • Prepares Capital Improvement Plan for the Electric Department.
  • Performs studies and prepares information for the implementation of new programs and projects.
  • Develops standards and specifications for construction to be accepted by the City.
  • Reviews all solar interconnection applications for residences up to 25 kW, farms up to 100 kW and non-residential up to 500 kW.
  • Reviews all Small Wireless Facility applications.

To contact the Electric Engineering Division, please call (302) 736-7072.

Items required for solar application:

Items required for initial requests are:

For 2 years of consumption history requested by a 3rd party, please complete and submit the COD Release form signed by the applicant. 

City of Dover Generator Interconnection Application, Single Meter Application Part I signed by applicant and send to the POCs listed on page 4 of the application.

One-line diagram showing disconnect by electric meter

Cut sheet for solar panels

Cut sheet for inverter

Yearly estimation of PV Watts produced based on system design/location (http://pvwatts.nrel.gov/pvwatts.php or similar)

Copy of executed contract

Once installed please send us:

City of Dover Generator Interconnection Application, Single Meter Application Part II signed by applicant and Electrical Inspector (if no inspection certificate is available) and send to the POCs listed on page 9 of the application.

Copy of electrical inspection (unless form signed by Electrical Inspector)

New solar customer applications submitted after Oct 13, 2022 are subject to billing for the cost of the bi-directional meter up to $200 for residential installations and full price of the meter for commercial installations.