Public Affairs and Emergency Management

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday (8:30AM - 5:00PM)

Office Phone:
(302) 736-7003

Office Fax:
(302) 736-7002

Public Affairs and Emergency Management Coordinator:
Kay Sass

Email: ksass[@]

Mailing Address:
City Hall
PO Box 475
Dover, DE 19903

As Public Affairs and Emergency Management Coordinator I am the primary point of contact with citizens and other departments to provide information and assistance, resolve issues and complaints and expedite issues with priority. With the merging of these two positions I am also responsible to aid in identifying hazards that may affect life, property and the continuity of vital services. We prepare, as the City Government to be ready for possible disasters in order to make well educated, informed decisions. Emergency Management works to ensure coordination between the various response agencies in our municipality and with relationships built on at the county and state level.

Educating and informing our community on issues and concerns is vital - so we utilize the website, public hearings, social media, newsletters and more to keep you informed on everything from Parks and Recreation activities, Electrical Safety to Emergency Management , Recycling, or any of the other services that the City of Dover offers.

One key concept of Emergency Management is PPRR (Prevention, Preparedness, Response and Recovery) which describes a spectrum of activities:

This is about assessing and reducing disaster risks. Activities include researching natural and 'man-made' disasters, constructing physical mitigation works (such as levees and firebreaks), establishing warning systems, land use planning (eg. stopping people from building on floodplains) and building codes (eg. mandating fire-proof building materials).

This is about getting the emergency services and the community ready for disasters. Activities include preparing emergency plans, training first responders, educating the community on how to prepare and what to do in a disaster.

This includes actually responding to a disaster and ensuring that the emergency services have the right resources (equipment and people) to do their job. Emergency management professionals aren't usually in charge of responding to a disaster, but act as an executive officer, providing expert advice to someone with the decision making authority

This is about getting a community that has been impacted by a disaster 'back on its feet'. Activities include, collecting and distributing donations and goods, distributing government relief payments, assisting with reconstruction tasks and much more.

No one person can do everything, but with working together we can all be better prepared in times of emergency when disaster strikes. Take the time to familiarize yourself with important items such as a 72 Hour Home Kit and other tips !

Below are several links to browse through. Tips on understanding weather notices, how to drive in storms, what to do if you are stuck in one, protecting those we love and our property and much more.

(We are not endorsing any third parties mentioned in any links, it was simply due to the information being valuable enough to share with you.)


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Fire Safety and Plans: A site designed to aid you and your family on how to deal with preparing plans in case of a fire.

Pages for Kids : This is a wonderful site to teach your children about fire safety

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