Utility Services

Rates and Services Provided

Policies and Regulations for Utility Services are subject to Council Approval per City Code 110-31, 110-63 & 110-233.

Electric Service Handbook is per City Code 110-31

Water/Wastewater Handbook is per City Code 110-63 & 110-233

  • The City has a commitment to provide you with the most cost effective and reliable supply of power available.
  • Customer Services manages opening new accounts, closing or transfer of existing accounts, maintaining the equalized payment program, processing name changes, and mailing address changes.

Outdoor Lighting

  • Lighting shall be from dusk to dawn each day for all-night outdoor lighting service on private property. The City of Dover provides two lighting service classification: Unmetered - lights fed directly from the City's energy source and Metered - available at the City's discretion when it is not feasible to install from an unmetered source.
  • Pole and light type will comply with current City policy and may be changed without notice .
  • If the current type/style is no longer a City standard a suitable replacement will be installed and the appropriate rate will apply.

Water / Wastewater

  • Customer Services manages water/wastewater customer services to include Lawn (irrigation) Meter, and Sewer Meter billing, pool, and winterization readings.  All other inquires can be directed to the Public Works department at 302-736-7025 .
  • The City of Dover is dedicated to providing the best possible drinking water to our citizens. For more information concerning Water Quality contact the Public Utilities Department at 302-736-7070 .
  • Water emergencies after hours, please call the City Dispatch at 302-736-7086 .


  • The City of Dover provides a 90-gallon container to each residential property and trash collection service once a week.
  • Trash is a non-metered service provided by the City of Dover, to customers within city limits and designated unincorporated area
  • Questions concerning Bulk Trash, Holiday Pickup, Snow Removal, Yard Waste, and Recycle maybe directed to the Public Works department at 302-736-7025 .
    • Trash Brochure
    •  Sec. 90-15. – Rates and Billing Procedures.

      (a) Rates. The city council shall designate certain reasonable rates to be paid for the collection

      of refuse in certain areas, which rates shall be set each year at the time of establishing the

      annual budget, and which rates shall apply for that year and for the area designated by the

      council. The city manager shall bill residents in accordance with the rates established by

      the council and shall be in charge of collecting these charges. In case of delinquencies, the

      Ordinance #2019-10 - Chpt. 90 - Solid Waste Page 12

      delinquent amount shall become a lien in accordance with state law.

      (b) Billing Procedures. All in-city customers of residences, duplexes and apartment houses

      with active utility accounts must have sanitation services included in the list of active

      services for the account.

      (Code 1981, § 8-16; Ord. of 3-13-1989)


DISCLAIMER: The information is prepared for you as a general guide to our utility policy. Please understand that it does not cover all circumstances and that it might not include specific details on a subject which interests you. If you have questions that are not covered here or want information on any subject, please give us a call. We are here to serve you!