Community Development

In general, through federal Community Development Block Grant entitlement funds, this division of the Planning and Inspections Department expands opportunities and housing choices for low and moderate income persons living in Dover and protects the public health and welfare of Dover citizens, especially low and moderate income persons, by preventing or eliminating slums or neighborhoods blight, and correcting serious deficiencies in public facilities. It performs the following tasks:

  • Provide CDBG Grants to Sub-Recipients that provide services to low/moderate income persons.
  • Provides rehabilitation assistance to sub-recipients who service low/moderate income persons.
  • Provides housing assistance to emergency shelters for the homeless.
  • Provides sub-recipient grants to community non-profit organizations which have applied to the City for various activities.

CAPER FY 19.pdf

FY19 CDBG Annual Report

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City of Dover 2020-2024 Consolidated Plan Final Plan with attachments.pdf

City of Dover Draft 2020-2024 Consolidated Plan.pdf

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2015-2019 Final Consolidated Plan

Settlement Assistance Program