In general, provides for the overall management of the Procurement & Inventory Division. It is responsible for the following tasks:

  • Prepares, implements, and manages the budget.
  • Coordinates and manages day-to-day department activities.
  • Operates mail room and courier service for City departments.
  • Orders, maintains, and controls a working stock of materials necessary for construction and maintenance of City utilities.
  • Stores and issues materials needed for new construction and maintenance.
  • Provides indoor and outdoor storage for stock items.
  • Provides fuel for all city departments including police and fire departments.
  • Enters, distributes, maintains, and controls all departmental stock issues. Also responsible for maintaining all vehicle fuel usage records.
  • Provides centralized purchasing to all city departments except the Police and Fire Departments.

Link to City of Dover's Purchasing Policy: 05-23-2022 Final Copy