Customer Service FAQ

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New Service:

  1. Contact Electric Engineering to have the service designed,
  2. Contact Customer Services to open a new account,
  3. Must have the service inspected by an inspection agency.

Temporary Service:

  1. Contact Public Utilities at 302-736-7070 to apply,
  2. Have service inspected,
  3. Supply meter socket and wire to attachment point.

Customer Service will assist with this at (302) 736-7035. You can also view your bill online using account number   ex.99999-99999

New customers must come in person to Weyandt Hall. A photo ID, Agreement of Sale (if purchasing) or signed lease or rental agreement is required. All persons named on the lease must be present when signing for electric service. All applicants are required to provide their social security number. New customers can complete a City of Dover new service application online also.

The City of Dover accepts cash, check, money order, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Debit Cards for payment of utility bills. MasterCard, Visa and Checks by phone are accepted over the phone and must be in the name of the account holder. Customer Service does not accept payments over the phone with a live representative, you will need to select option 1 to make a payment over the phone. Customer Service can be reach at (302) 736-7035.

Customers may pay their bills at Weyandt Hall, 5 East Reed Street, from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. After hours, payments may be deposited in the drop boxes located at Weyandt Hall at the outermost drive-up lane and on the Reed Street side of the building. Pay-by-Phone services can be established with your personal banks. The City offers Preauthorized Payment. Payments may also be made through the mail. Address payments to City of Dover, P.O. Box  15040, Wilmington, DE 19886. Please no cash in the mail or drop boxes.

The initial deposit we request to turn on utilities is a form of protection we offer customers who maintain their electric account in good standing. Once a customer establishes a good payment history with the City of Dover over a two year period, the deposit will be applied to their account or refunded. A customer who has a returned check or has service disconnected, if either occurs twice in a 12 month period, will be charged an additional deposit.

Payments are due 21 days after the bill date and subject to late fees 29 days after the bill date.

 Debit card with a VISA or Mastercard logo can be used as a credit card for the transaction.

Customers will have to apply for payment arrangements in person at 5 E. Reed St. Dover, DE 19901. Call customer service at (302) 736-7035 for more info.

The amount of a residential deposit is three times the average monthly bill. A credit check can be done for a non-refundable fee of $20.00. All renters are required to pay a deposit or have the deposit reduce with a letter of credit from a prior utility company.

You would contact City of Dover Customer Service Department which is located at 5 East Reed Street and come in person with your license & registration

Our rates can be reviewed by visiting the City of Dover website, clicking on the customer service tab under directory at the top right of the home page, and scrolling down to "Utility Rates".

Our budget plan/equalization payment plan is designed for customers whose bill fluctuates seasonally. The plan equalizes your payments per month for one year. If you have electric heat, you may wish to enroll. The plan runs from October through September. In order to participate, you must have resided at your residence for one year, have a good credit history, and have a zero balance on your account. Preauthorized Bank drafting is required also.

Preauthorization is available. To inquire, please call customer service at (302) 736-7035

Boating license can be obtained through Planning & Inspection Department at 15 Loockerman Plaza Dover, DE 19901 or call (302) 736-7011