Comprehensive Rezoning 2021 Project

What is the Comprehensive Rezoning 2021 Project?

After the adoption of the 2019 Comprehensive Plan the City had to undergo a comprehensive zoning review. The Comprehensive Plan outlines a number of Implementation items. Under Delaware Code (State law), the City is required to review and ensure that the Land Development Plan of the Comprehensive Plan and the City’s Official Zoning Map are in alignment. This project is known as the Comprehensive Rezoning 2021 Project. This project was led by Planning Office Staff from the Department of Planning & Inspections.

How is the Comprehensive Rezoning done?

Planning Staff used GIS (Geographic Information Systems) technology to compare the two maps. The Land Development Plan Map (Map 12-1 in the 2019 Comprehensive Plan) has general Land Use categories for all properties within the City. The Zoning Map depicts the approved Zoning District for each property in the City. After the initial analysis, Staff sifted through results to determine where there were inconsistencies and which parcels should be corrected by changing the zoning to match the underlying Land Use category. To help determine the appropriate zoning the current land use of the parcels and the Land Use and Zoning Matrix (Table 12-1 in the 2019 Comprehensive Plan) were referenced. After this analysis a preliminary list of parcels identified for rezoning was produced.

Public Participation

After the properties were identified, Staff contacted the property owners to notify them of the rezoning process. Property owners were encouraged to attend one of three virtual information sessions held on Tuesday, February 23, 2021 in order to learn more about the process and ask questions of the Staff. 

Sample Packet mailed to all affected Property Owners

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend our Information Sessions on February 23, 2021. If you were unable to attend, we have provided a recording of the Session for you to view below.

The Formal Review Process

The consideration of the Comprehensive Rezoning 2021 Project involved a formal review process. The process included public notice mailings to all property owners directly affected by the rezoning project and legal advertisements, preparation of the Comprehensive Rezoning package (lists and maps identifying parcels), and Public Hearings. The Public Hearing in front of Planning Commission took place on May 17, 2021 where they formed a recommendation to City Council. City Council had a Special Meeting for the Public Hearing on the Comprehensive Rezoning 2021 Project on June 7, 2021. On June 14, 2021 City Council took Final Action to Approve the Comprehensive Rezoning Project and to change the zoning of 161 of the 164  parcels proposed for rezoning. Changes to the City’s Zoning Map have been made to reflect the Zoning Changes adopted by City Council.

Additional Information on the completion of the Comprehensive Rezoning 2021 Project

Interactive Comprehensive Rezoning Map

For even more information and an interactive Comprehensive Rezoning 2021 Project Map please check out our ArcGIS Hub Site.

Contact Planning Staff

As always Planning Staff are available to answer any questions or concerns regarding the Comprehensive Rezoning Process. 

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