Public Documents

Each year the City of Dover releases dozens of public documents that state various facts and statuses on projects. Reports from the Finance and Public Works departments are released annually in regards to the City Budget and Water Quality, respectively, but there are also several more available as seen below.

Electronic Forms
In an effort to help expedite applications and to save our citizens time, we will be publishing electronic forms that can be filled out online. Applications with "(e-form)" next to them can be completed online.

Tip for larger documents:
If you have an older computer or slow connection speed we recommend right-clicking on the link and choosing the "Save As..." option. It will download in less time directly to your computer and you may view it separately from there.

icon_acrobat_1.gif To view our public reports, you must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader which provides high quality formats of documents and is available for free. If you do not have this software, click on the Adobe Reader Icon and follow the steps to download it from the Adobe website and you should then be able to read and print the Adobe Acrobat public reports.


Published Document Title Size
06.23.2020 Electrical Load Sheet  N/A

City Budget (Yearly)

Published Document Title Size
07.23.2020 2020-2021 Draft Annual Operating Budget 41.5 KB
07.01.2019 2019-2020 Annual Operating Budget 26.6 KB
06.25.2018 2018-2019 Annual Operating Budget 11.3 MB
09.05.2017 2017-2018 Annual Operating Budget 10.9 MB
05.18.2016 2016-2017 Annual Operating Budget 12.4 MB
08.28.2015 2015-2016 Annual Operating Budget 14.8 MB
01.07.2015 2014-2015 Annual Operating Budget 9.0 MB
10.23.2013 2013-2014 Annual Operating Budget 9.5 MB
12.01.2013 2012-2013 Annual Operating Budget 5.0 MB
09.08.2011 2011-2012 Annual Operating Budget 4.8 MB
10.27.2010 2010-2011 Annual Operating Budget 4.9 MB
11.03.2009 2009-2010 Annual Operating Budget 7.2 MB

City Studies

Published Document Title Size
06.21.2018 Dover Electric Utility Bench marking Assessment
05.08.2018 City of Dover Proposed Rates Schedules 2018 695 KB
05.08.2018 Dover Electric Rate Study FINAL 2018 1,520 KB
04.04.2016 Dover Fire Analysis Report

Customer Support

Published Document Title Size
07.01.18 Rates & Tariff
Electric Service Handbook
05.14.2010 Water Wastewater Handbook 5 MB
10.01.2009 Residential High Bill Survey 104 KB
03.20.2007 Military Pre-Deployment Checklist 49 KB

Employee Procedures

Published Document Title Size
09.06.2005 Employee Handbook Revised 528 KB

Form of Government Charter Review

Published Document Title Size
08.13.2003 Administrative Structure Review 483 KB
08.13.2003 Charter Review Committee Report 1 MB
08.13.2003 Special Council Meeting (10-17-1989) 852 KB

Utility Tips

Published Document Title Size
12.03.2001 Alleviating Water Odor 771 KB
12.03.2001 How to Reduce Your Energy Bill 173 KB
12.03.2001 Unrepaired Water Leaks Can Be Costly 152 KB