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Did you know we are updating Dover's Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan? The plan highlights Dover's walking and biking accomplishments, infrastructure enhancements, and safety concerns. Community input is appreciated and needed to ensure a comprehensive plan to guide us into the future.

Schutte Park and Dover Park Improvements

Help us provide the amenities you want in our City of Dover Parks!

September 29 at 6:30 PM - Virtual Meeting for all to discuss a Skate Park for Schutte Park. Register HERE! Be sure to take the skate park survey, too!

Did you hear about the dog park for Schutte Park?  Please take this brief survey to help us get it right!  Dog Park Survey


October 1 - Dover Park workshop at 5 pm and free MOVIE NIGHT at 6:45 PM - Dover Park Survey


Featured Activities

Soul Line Dance

Delaware Youth XC Series

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Mon.-Thurs    7 am - 8 pm
Fri.                 7 am - 8 pm
Sat.               9 am - 1 pm
Sun.            10 am - 2 pm
Hours are subject to change.

Robin Eaton,
City of Dover Parks & Recreation
(302) 736-7050

Contact Information:
Service Desk -  (302) 674-7541 or (302) 736-7050
Open Gym Schedule -  (302) 736-4443 

Weather Line - (302) 736-7155
Email:  Parks[at sign]

Mailing Address:
City of Dover Parks & Recreation
PO Box 475
Dover, DE 19903 

Our Mission
To provide quality affordable recreation and leisure services that promote healthy lifestyles for residents of Dover and its surrounding communities.

Program Cancellation Line (Recording)
If the weather conditions have you wondering if an event is postponed or cancelled, call 302-736-7155.

Class & Activity Registration

Online Registration is here!!   Click this link to get started today.

John W. Pitts Recreation Center

10 Electric Avenue
Dover, DE 19904

1) Complete the
Registration Form

2) Enclose check payable to "City of Dover"
3) Mail to:

   City of Dover Parks & Recreation
   PO Box 475
   Dover, DE 19903 


Fiscal Year 20 Monthly Reports

Dover Park Master Plan

Fiscal Year 19 Monthly Reports Schutte Park Master Plan
Fiscal Year 18 Monthly Reports City of Dover Pedestrian Plan
Recreation Needs Assessment City of Dover Bicycle Plan