Floodplain Management

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has identified Special Flood Hazard Areas within the City of Dover. Information on these hazard areas is found on FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) and within Flood Insurance Studies (FIS). The maps and associated studies show the location of Special Flood Hazard Areas, including those areas referred to as the 100-year floodplain or 1% annual chance flood. The earliest maps for Dover date to 1982. Over the years as more detailed data and information has been collected and analyzed, the maps have been revised. For most of the City, the FIRM Maps that are currently Effective date to May 5, 2003 and July 7, 2014. However, there are areas where floodplain changes have been made to specific properties or areas through the Letter of Map Change process.

The City of Dover is a participating community in the National Flood Insurance Program. As a participating community, the City agrees to meet certain requirements for management of flood hazard areas, such as the adoption and enforcement of regulations. There are regulations within the Dover Code of Ordinances and the Zoning Ordinance related to development and construction within the floodplain.

Floodplain Mapping

The City of Dover is required to use the FIRM Maps and FIS Studies issued by FEMA as the official maps of Dover's Special Flood Hazard Areas (floodplains). The Planning Office in the Department of Planning & Inspections is the keeper of these records; the City Planner is the floodplain administrator. To view these records or obtain copies, please contact the Planning Office by calling (302) 736-7196, or by coming to City Hall at 15 Loockerman Plaza, Dover DE, during regular business hours.

Recent Changes to Floodplain Maps

  • Garrison Oak Technical Park & Baytree Neighborhood Area (Effective June 2018)
    After a series of drainage and floodplain area improvements near Garrison Oak Drive and White Oak Road, the City was required to provide updated information to FEMA through the Letter of Map Change process. The submission of this technical data resulted in a Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) Case #17-03-0901P. The LOMR revised the location of the floodplain along the Little River system north of White Oak Road; this included areas in the Garrison Oak Technical Park and the Baytree Neighborhood. The Revisions to FIRM Map Panels 10001C0167H and 10001C0186J were Effective June 4, 2018. See the link below for the letter of Map Revision Determination Document.

  • Baytree Neighborhood Area (Pending Revision Issued September 2018; To Be Effective January 2019)
    With the City’s submission of additional data to FEMA as a follow-up to LOMR 17-03-0901P, there are revisions identified to the floodplain maps. The Letter of Map Revision Determination Document and Annotated Flood Insurance Rate Map were issued September 14, 2018 as LOMR Case #18-03-1850P. This case is currently in the 90-day appeal period and is to become Effective January 29, 2019. This LOMR proposes revisions to the location of the floodplain along the Little River system north of White Oak Road generally between Nimitz Road and State Route 1 including areas in the Baytree Neighborhood. See the links below for the Map Revision Determination Document and a map of the revised Flood Hazard Area (prepared by the City).

The Baytree Neighborhood Area Information Meeting on Floodplains was held on November 7, 2018. This meeting was an opportunity to learn about floodplains and the recent Floodplain Map revisions occurring in the area. Thank you to everyone who came out and asked questions! The meeting presentation is available here: Baytree Neighborhood Area Info Meeting Presentation 11-7-2018 (pdf document)