Safe Communities

Safe Communities Program Adopted

On April 8, 2013, City Council adopted an ordinance implementing the Safe Communities program to help ensure that rental housing in Dover is not the source of criminal activity. The ordinanace primarily includes three components:

  1. The City will provide training for landlords to help them manage their rental properties in a way that benefits the community.
  2. Landlords and tentants are required to sign a lease addendum committing that the tenants, members of the tenant's household, guests, or others under the tenant's control will not participate in criminal activity on or within 500 feet of the leased premises.  This addendum must be presented to the City when utility services are established in the tenant's name.
  3. The ordinance also establishes the standard and process by which eviction of a tenant would be required, and the circumstances under which a Rental Dwelling Permit could be suspended if a landlord does not comply with the providions of the ordinance.

 Safe Communities Ordinance 

 Safe Communities Lease Addendum (Word Format) 

 Safe Communities Lease Addendum (PDF Format)