Fire Marshal's Office

Fire Marshal  
Jason Osika

Deputy Fire Marshal  
Matthew Brown

Deputy Fire Marshal  
Sean Christiansen

Deputy Fire Marshal  
Phillip Lewis

Past City of Dover Fire Marshals

Timothy Mullaney Jr. 5/16/14-4/1/16

David J. Truax 6/10/96-5/16/14

John W. Raughley 4/12/93-6/10/96

James L. Melvin 11/14/88-4/12/93

Jack T. Roe 9/1/59-11/14/88

Office Hours:  
Monday-Friday 7:30am-4:30pm (City Hall opens at 8:30am, closes at 5:00pm, and is Closed on  City Holiday Schedule)

Contact Numbers:  
 (302) 736-4457   Office
 (302) 736-4217   Fax
After hours, please contact the Dover Fire Department Dispatch Center at  302-736-7168

Mailing Address:  
City of Dover
Attn: Fire Marshal's Office
15 Loockerman Plaza
Dover, DE  19901

The City of Dover Fire Marshal’s Office is a division under the City of Dover Planning and Inspections Department. While the City of Dover Fire Marshal’s Office works with the Dover Fire Department,
the Fire Department is a separate entity which is 100% volunteer. Click on their link for additional information. The City of Dover Fire Marshal’s Office conducts annual fire and life safety inspections at
which time the Fire Marshal checks for compliance with City Ordinances, Delaware State Fire Prevention Regulations, and National Fire Protection Association standards. The City of Dover Fire Marshal’s
Office also handles fire complaints and can issue summons for violations found.  The City of Dover Fire Marshal’s Office is also responsible for Origin and Cause investigations within the City of Dover limits.
The City of Dover Fire Marshal’s office also conducts plan review for new construction, modifications to current structures, fire alarm systems, sprinkler systems, and hood and hood suppression systems.


Annual Fire and Life Safety Inspection Form:

Business License Application    

Camper Parking Permit  

City of Dover Code of Ordinances:   (Chapter 46 is Fire Prevention and Protection)

Delaware State Fire Prevention Regulations:  

Dover Fire Department:  

Electrical Inspection Agencies:  

Fire Permit (NEW):

Fire Protection System Authorization for Disconnection: 

Fireworks & Pyrotechnics Display Permit      

Food Truck Vendors - Authorized by Fire Marshal's Office

Knox Box Request Form:

Licensed Fire Protection Companies:

Public Occupancy  

Respondent Form:

Special Event Permit:  Special Event Permit updated May 23, 2023

State of Delaware Fire Marshal's Office: 

Applicable Codes:  
City of Dover Code of Ordinances
September 2021 Delaware State Fire Prevention Regulations
2021 NFPA 1 Fire Code
2021 NFPA 101 Life Safety Code
2019 NFPA 72 National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code
2019 NFPA 13 Installation of Sprinkler Systems
2020 NFPA 25 Standard for the Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems

2021 NFPA 96 Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations
See Chapter 7 of the Delaware State Fire Prevention Regulations for a full list of adopted Codes and Standards
2009 International Building Code

APPLICABLE CODES as adopted by Dover’s City Council and Certain State Agencies 

IBC- International Building Code- 2009 

IRC- International Residential Code- 2009 

IPC- International Plumbing Code- 2018 (State of Delaware Requirements) 

IMC- International Mechanical Code- 2018 (State of Delaware Requirements) 

IFGC- International Fuel and Gas Code- 2018 (State of Delaware Requirements) 

IECC- International Energy Conservation Code- (2018 + Delaware’s Amendments- DNREC) 

IEBC- International Existing Building Code- 2009 

ICCPC- International Code Council Performance Code- 2009 

ANSI A117.1-2010 (or most current) Federal edition 

IFC- International Fire Code- 2009