BID/RFP Tabulations

12/19/2017 Ambulance Services 18-0010CM Under Review RFP Submission List
11/30/2017 Independent Consulting Services for Diversity and Inclusion 18-0012HR Under Review RFP Submission List
12/22/2017 Water Treatment Plant Improvement Project 18-0014PW Under Review Bid Tabulation

Professional support for HVAC repair

design at Weyant Hall

18-0015PW Under Review
01/24/2018 Electric Utility Management and Benchmarking Assessment for the City of Dover 18-0016CM Under Review RFP Submission List
01/17/2018 Professional Services for Master Planning at Dover Park 18-0017PR Under Review RFP Submission Log
02/07/2018 Construction Services Support for the Water Treatment Plant Project 18-0018PW Under Review RFP Submission List
02/07/2018 Demolition of 954 Lincoln Street 18-0019PI Under Review Quote Tabulation
02/07/2018 Demolition of 2292 White Oak Road 18-0020PI Under Review Quote Tabulation
02/06/2018 Transformer's for Stock 18-0021CS Awarded Bid Tabulation
02/15/2018 Switchgear for Stock 18-0022CS Awarded to Wesco Bid Tabulation