BID/RFP Tabulations

12/22/2017 Water Treatment Plant Improvement Project 18-0014PW Under Review Bid Tabulation
02/07/2018 Construction Services Support for the Water Treatment Plant Project 18-0018PW Under Review RFP Submission List
03/14/2018 Puncheon Run Wastewater Pump Station Improvements Engineering Design Support 18-0023PW Under Review RFP Submission List
04/17/2018 Delaware Tech Pump Station Replacement 18-0025PW Under Review Bid Tabulation
04/17/2018 Silver Lake Pump Station Replacement 18-0026PW Under Review Bid Tabulation
04/18/2018 Walker Woods Pump Station Replacement 18-0027PW Under Review Bid Tabulations
04/26/2018 North Street Water Main Replacement 18-0028PW Under Review Bid Tabulation
05/04/2018 Wellhead Redevelopment 18-0029PW Under Review Bid Tabulation
05/25/2018 DNREC Applications for Water Allocation Permits 18-0030PW Awarded to Duffield Associates RFP Submission List
05/16/2018 Schutte Park Grading Plan Engineering Design Support 18-0031PW Under Review RFP Submission List
05/25/2018 Transformer Disposal Contract 18-0032EL Under Review RFP Submission List
05/29/2018 Water Meter Term Contract 18-0033CS Under Review RFP Submission List
06/15/2018 Demo of 113 Davis Circle 18-0034PI Awarded to Gateway Construction RFQ Tabulation
06/15/2018 Demo of 526 Fulton Street 18-0035PI Awarded to Split Rock Materials RFQ Tabulation
06/20/2018 PME-9 Switchgear for Stock 18-0036CS Awarded to Anixter Bid Tabulation
06/20/2018 Transformers for Stock 18-0037CS Awarded to Wesco and Anixter Bid Tabulation
06/19/2018 Citywide Streetlight Conversion to LED Lights 18-0038CM Cancelled per City Manager Cancelled