Delinquent Bill

  A great number of our customers pay for their services on time.  Customers who don't pay on or before the date specified on their bill will become delinquent and assessed a   late charge of 1  1/2  percent   on any unpaid balance per month. When a customer finds it difficult to pay a bill there are several options open depending on the need. Customer Services may:   

  •   Extend the payment until a later date - if service is not already scheduled for interruption  
  •   Sign a short-term Installment Payment Plan  
  •   Suggest outside agency Charitable Assistance Agencies 

     All agreed upon arrangements must be written and signed at the 5 East Reed Street office.         


Disconnection Policy

  If a delinquent amount is not paid, or if satisfactory arrangements are not made, or the customer fails to keep their side of the agreement, or an attempt to defraud,  the City is not obligated to renew or make another agreement on the same debt  , service will be disconnected.  

    ****      Disconnection of service  without prior notice may occur immediately  for the following reasons:       

  •    Return check   
  •    Nonpayment of utility bills, or special agreement, or security deposit   
  •    Tampering   
  •  Violation of City Code or Ordinance 
  •  Fraudulently obtains service 

        If your service is either scheduled to be disconnected or actually has been disconnected, the entire balance  and a service fee must be paid to continue service        


  •     Any customer who has been disconnected two times within a 12 month period may be required to post a  sufficient security deposit    in order to have service restored.    

         For more information on        Service Fees              

Collection Policy

 To pay additional charges equal to the cost of collection including agency fees, attorney's fees, and court costs if this or any other account held with the City is placed in the hands of any agency or attorney for collection or legal action because of default in payment of any amount due. Current collection rate of 18% is placed on the balance of the debt. The City may report information regarding payment history and account status to credit bureaus, any other purpose deemed necessary to provide and seek payment of services. 

  •      City services may be withheld or disconnected if prior indebtedness to the City for any services has not been paid  in full.    

  •   Failure to receive a bill from the city for such services provided by the City shall not diminish obligation for payment of prior indebtedness.  
  •      [Dover Code         o       f                Ordinances, Sec. 110-2                  , Power to terminate, disconnect or deny city services due to outstanding bills.]           

Municipal Liens

    Water /Wastewater /Trash Liens    

An outstanding water, wastewater and/or trash service bill becomes a lien against property, water and/or trash billings are ultimately the responsibility of the property owner regardless of the arrangements made between the property owner and the tenant.


    Vacant Building Ordinance    

On June 26th, 2006, the Dover City Council adopted the Vacant Building Ordinance to reduce the negative impact that vacant buildings have on the surrounding businesses and neighborhoods. For additional information on registration, exemptions, and fees assessed contact the     Inspections & Planning office 

        Contact Customer Services at  302-736-7035                     for additional property lien information.      


    DISCLAIMER:     The information is prepared for you as a general guide to our utility policy. Please understand that it does not cover all circumstances and that it might not include specific details on a subject which interests you. If you have questions that are not covered here or want information on any subject, please give us a call. We are here to serve you!