Fire Marshal

Office Phone
(302) 736-4457

Office Fax
(302) 736-4217

Fire Marshal
Jason Osika

Deputy Fire Marshal
Matthew Brown

Mailing Address:
City Hall
15 Loockerman Plaza
Dover, DE  19901

A fire marshal is a government official appointed by the City Council who creates and enforces fire safety laws. The fire marshal personally inspects buildings and imposes fines for violations. City of Dover Fire Marshal’s also organize investigations in the case of fire-related crimes and accidents and provides personal assistance in emergency situations.

Fire marshals are responsible for ensuring that businesses, schools, factories and hospitals comply with fire codes. They perform regular inspections of such facilities, checking for violations pr potentially hazardous situations. During an inspection, a fire marshal notes the conditions of sprinklers, alarms and fire extinguishers as well as emergency elevator controls. If there is a problem found, such as a blocked fire exit, the marshal can issue a warning or a fine and explain to the business owner how to remedy the situation. In many regions, new homes and apartment buildings must also pass fire inspections before they can be inhabited.

If you have any questions or need to schedule an inspection please feel free to contact us.