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Refreshing our Parks!

You may notice some activity in your local park.  City crews have been hard at work performing tasks such as old fence removal, tree trimming, increasing benches along pathways and much more.  We love hearing your feedback and hope that you are able to enjoy the hard work and dedication our staff has in keeping our parks beautiful for all to enjoy.  

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2022 Tae Kwon Do

2022 Youth Indoor Soccer

2022 Senior Indoor Softball

2022 Winter Activities, Programs & Trips


 Current Office Hours:   
Mon.-Thurs    7 am  - 8 pm   
Fri.                 7 am - 8 pm   
Sat.               9 am - 1 pm  
Sun.            10 am - 2 pm  
Hours are subject to change. 

Robin Eaton, MBA
City of Dover Parks & Recreation 
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Contact Information: 
John W. Pitts Recreation Center:  (302) 674-7541
Administrative Office: (302) 736-7050
Weather Line:  (302) 736-7155 
Email:  Parks[at sign] 

Mailing Address:  
City of Dover Parks & Recreation
PO Box 475
Dover, DE 19903 

Our Mission  
To provide quality affordable recreation and leisure services that promote healthy lifestyles for residents of Dover and its surrounding communities.   

Program Cancellation Line (Recording)  
Weather conditions have you wondering if an event is postponed or cancelled? Call 302-736-7155.   

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1) Complete the Registration Form     

2)  Enclose check payable to "City of Dover"  
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   City of Dover Parks & Recreation 
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   Dover, DE 19903 

General Information
Phone Numbers
302-736-7050 302-674-7541
Fax: 302-678-2674
Emergencies: Dial 911
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