Utility Services

Rates and Services Provided

Policies and Regulations for Utility Services are subject to Council Approval per City Code 110-31, 110-63 & 110-233.

Electric Service Handbook  is per City Code 110-31

Water/Wastewater Handbook is per City Code 110-63 & 110-233

 FY24 Rate Proposal Announcement 

  • The City has a commitment to provide you with the most cost effective and reliable supply of power available.
  • Customer Services manages opening new accounts, closing or transfer of existing accounts, processing name changes, and mailing address changes.
                     Approved Rates and Tariffs 2022 can be viewed by clicking here : Rates & Tariffs   
                     Updated Rates & Tariffs 7/1/2023 can be viewed by clicking here:  Rates & Tariffs 

Outdoor Lighting  
  • Lighting shall be from dusk to dawn each day for all-night outdoor lighting service on private property. The City of Dover provides two lighting service classification: Unmetered - lights fed directly from the City's energy source and Metered - available at the City's discretion when it is not feasible to install from an unmetered source.
  • Pole and light type will comply with current City policy and may be changed without notice  .
  • If the current type/style is no longer a City standard a suitable replacement will be installed and the appropriate rate will apply.

Water / Wastewater  

  • Customer Services manages water/wastewater customer services to include Lawn (irrigation) Meter, and Sewer Meter billing, pool, and winterization readings.  All other inquires can be directed to the Water & Wastewater department at 302-736-7025 .
  • The City of Dover is dedicated to providing the best possible drinking water to our citizens. For more information concerning Water Quality contact the Water and Wastewater Department at 302-736-7025 .
  • Water emergencies after hours, please call the City Dispatch at 302-736-7086 .


  • The City of Dover provides a 90-gallon container to each residential property and trash collection service once a week.
  • Trash is a non-metered service provided by the City of Dover, to customers within city limits and designated unincorporated area
  • Questions concerning Bulk Trash, Holiday Pickup, Snow Removal, Yard Waste, and  Recycle  maybe directed to the Public Works department at   302-736-7025     .    


DISCLAIMER:     The information is prepared for you as a general guide to our utility policy. Please understand that it does not cover all circumstances and that it might not include specific details on a subject which interests you. If you have questions that are not covered here or want information on any subject, please give us a call. We are here to serve you!