BID/RFP Tabulations


FY 2025 Bid/RFP Results
DateCommodityBid/RFP NumberStatusDownloadable Information


FY 2024 Bid/RFP Results
DateCommodityBid/RFP NumberStatusDownloadable Information
08/15/2023LED Street Lights and Photocells24-0001ELLight Fixtures awarded to SolarMax
Photocells awarded to NightSwitch
24-0001EL Bid Tab
09/13/2023Turnberry Pump Station Replacement Project24-0002WWAwarded to Teal Construction24-0002WW Bid Tab
09/14/2023Water Street Flooding Improvements Design24-0003WWAwarded to Century Engineering24-0003WW Submission List
09/26/2023US 13 East Pump Station (Station #7) Repairs24-0004WWCancelled by Water/Wastewater24-0004WW Bid Tab
09/20/2023Electrical Substation Multiplexer Upgrade24-0005ELAwarded to Avista Realtime24-0005EL Submission List
10/17/2023Basic Life Support (BLS) and Emergency Ambulance Services24-0006CMCancelled by City Manager's Office24-0006CM Submission List
11/14/2023Directional Boring for Electric Department24-0007ELAwarded to Bay Line Construction24-0007EL Submission List
11/22/2023US 13 East Pump Station Wet Well Lining24-0008WWCancelled by Water/Wastewater24-0008WW Bid Tab
11/16/2023Garrison Oak Substation Foundation Prep24-0009ELAwarded to AUI Power24-0009EL Submission List
12/05/2023Downtown Dover Upgrades Engineering Design24-0010WWAwarded to KCI Technologies24-0010WW Submission List
11/15/2023Single Phase Pad-Mount Transformers for Stock24-0011WHAwarded to PulseMAX24-0011WH Bid Tab
11/30/2023Tree Trimming for the City of Dover24-0012ELUnder Review24-0012EL Submission List
12/13/2023Primary Metering Cabinets for Stock24-0013WHAwarded to Anixter24-0013WH Bid Tab
12/13/2023Demolition of 51 Saulsbury Road24-0014PICancelled by Inspections.  Homeowner completed demolition24-0014PI Tabulation
12/13/2023Demolition of 207 N West Street24-0015PIAwarded to Sunnyfield Contractors24-0015PI Tabulation
12/14/2023Demolition of 411 W Reed Street24-0016PIAwarded to Sunnyfield Contractors24-0016PI Tabulation
12/14/2023Demolition of Accessory Structure at 848 Forest Street24-0017PIAwarded to Sunnyfield Contractors24-0017PI Tabulation
01/24/2024US 13 East Pump Station Wet Well Lining24-0018WWNo submissions received
01/25/2024Dover Well #9 Repairs24-0019WWCancelled by Water/Wastewater24-0019WW Bid Tab
02/07/2024Silver Lake Dam Repairs24-0020WWCancelled by Water/Wastewater.  Will be re-bid24-0020WW Bid Tab
02/22/2024Emergency Ambulance Services24-0021CMAwarded to Ambulnz by DocGo24-0021CM Submission List
03/06/2024US 13 East Pump Station Wet Well Lining24-0022WWAwarded to Insituform Technologies24-0022WW Bid Tab
02/27/2024College Road Concrete and Steel24-0023ELAwarded to AUI Power24-0023EL Submission List
03/12/2024FY24 Inflow and Infiltration24-0024WWCancelled by Water/Wastewater.  Will be re-bid24-0024WW Bid Tab
03/13/2024North Bradford Street Rehabilitation Project24-0025PWAwarded to Sam's Construction24-0025PW Bid Tab
03/14/2024Dover Well #9 Improvements24-0026WWUnder Review24-0026WW Bid Tab
03/20/2024Three Phase Transformers24-0027WHAwarded to ECB Solutions24-0027WH Bid Tab
03/27/2024Garrison Oak Relay Panels24-0028ELAwarded to Electrical Power Products24-0028EL Submission List
04/09/2024Single Phase Pad Mount Transformers24-0029WHAwarded to NexGen Power24-0029WH Bid Tab
04/17/2024Silver Lake Dam Repairs24-0030WWAwarded to Coastal Engineering24-0030WW Bid Tab
05/01/2024FY24 Inflow and Infiltration24-0031WWAwarded to Insituform Technologies24-0031WW Bid Tab
05/03/2024Demo of 130 South New Street, Building D
24-0032PIAwarded to Delaware Landscaping24-0032PI Tabulation
05/03/2024Demo of 132 South New Street, Building C
24-0033PIAwarded to Delaware Landscaping
24-0033PI Tabulation
05/03/2024Demo of 134 South New Street, Building E
24-0034PIAwarded to Delaware Landscaping
24-0034PI Tabulation
05/03/2024Demo of 137 South Queen Street, Building A
24-0035PIAwarded to Delaware Landscaping
24-0035PI Tabulation
05/03/2024Demo of 137 South Queen Street Cottage, Building B
24-0036PIAwarded to Delaware Landscaping
24-0036PI Tabulation
05/22/2024Garrison Oak Steel Project
24-0037ELUnder Review24-0037EL Submission List
07/10/2024Water and Wastewater Asset Management Plan Program Engineering Support24-0038WWUnder Review24-0038WW Submission List

FY 2023 Bid/RFP Results
DateCommodityBid/RFP NumberStatusDownloadable Information
09/07/2022College Road Pump Station Upgrade/Replacement23-0001WWAwarded to Teal Construction23-0001WW Bid Tab 
08/24/2022Three Phase Transformers for Stock23-0002WHAwarded to WEG Transformers23-0002WH Bid Tab
10/26/2022Demolition of 235-239 West Loockerman Street23-0003PIAwarded to Design Contracting23-0003PI Bid Tab
11/16/2022Williams Park Storm Pipe Replacement23-0004PWAwarded to Gateway Construction23-0004PW Bid Tab
12/08/2022FY23 Street and Alley23-0005PWAwarded to Sam's Construction23-0005PW Bid Tab
01/10/2023Mirror Lake Drainage Basin Improvements23-0006PWAwarded to Gateway Construction23-0006PW Bid Tab
01/25/2023Hazards Response Service23-0007ELAwarded to Miller Environmental Group23-0007EL Submission List
02/08/2023PME-9 & PME-11 Switchgear for Stock23-0008WHAwarded to Anixter / Federal Pacific23-0008WH Bid Tab
02/28/2023Dover Park Recreation Projects Community Building and Spray Pad Improvements23-0009PRAwarded to Kent Construction23-0009PR Submission List
02/21/2023West Street East Alley Water Main Replacement23-0010WWAwarded to Teal Construction23-0010WW Bid Tab
03/01/2023Three (3) Motorcycles for Dover Police Department23-0011PDNo Bids Received
03/20/2023FY2023B Street and Alley Program23-0012PWAwarded to Grassbusters Landscaping23-0012PW Bid Tab
04/19/2023FY2023C Street and Alley Program23-0013PWNo Bids Received
05/02/2023Dover Kenton Road Project Material23-0014ELAwarded to Anixter23-0014EL Bid Tab
05/24/2023Three Phase Pad Mount Transformers for Stock23-0015WHAwarded to NexGen Power23-0015WH Bid Tab
07/12/2023Weyandt Hall HVAC Upgrade23-0016FMAwarded to Statewide Mechanical23-0016FM Submission List
06/13/2023Pension and Other Post Employment Benefits (OPEB) Actuarial Services and Benefit Consulting
23-0017FNAwarded to Bolton23-0017FN Submission List
07/18/2023Wellhead Redevelopment Program23-0018WWAwarded to AC Schultes23-0018FWW Submission List
08/05/2023Decontamination & Demolition of the McKee Run Generating Station23-0019ELAwarded to Total Wrecking & Environmental, LLC23-0019EL Submission List
07/26/2023Fiscal Year 2023C Street and Alley Program23-0020PWAwarded to Grassbuster's Landscaping23-0020PW Bid Tab


FY 2022 Bid/RFP Results
DateCommodityBid/RFP NumberStatusDownloadable Information
Master Electrician Services
Awarded to Towles Electric
22-0001EL Submission List
PME-11 Switchgear for Stock
Awarded to Anixter
22-0002WH Bid Tab
Inflow and Infiltration Evaluation
Awarded to Reybold Construction
22-0003WW Bid Tab
LED Security Lights with 7 pin Photoelectric Eye
Cancelled by Electric Department

Turnberry Wastewater Pump Station Upgrade Engineering Design Support
Awarded to Century Engineering
22-0005WW Submission List
Garrison Oak Technical Park Substation Circuit Switcher
Awarded to Anixter
22-0006EL Bid Tab
Garrison Oak Technical Park Substation SF6 Breakers
Awarded to Anixter
22-0007EL Bid Tab
Garrison Oak Technical Park Metal Clad Switchgear
No Award Made - Re-Bid as 22-0036EL

Garrison Oak Technical Park 69 to 12 kV Transformer
Awarded to Anixter
22-0009EL Bid Tab
Water Meter Inventory Proposal
Awarded to Dover Plumbing
22-0010WW Submission List
Three Phase Transformers for Stock
Awarded to WEG
22-0011WH Bid Tab
LED Security Lights with Photo Control
Awarded to Denney Electric
22-0012EL Bid Tab
Scada System Master Station Upgrade Bidder Prequalification
Four Companies were Pre-Approved
22-0013EL Submission List
Mental Health Professionals for Dover Police Department
Awarded to Dover Behavioral Health
22-0014PD Submission List
Galvanized Steel Pole and Vibratory Caisson Foundation
Awarded to Sabre Industries
22-0015EL Bid Tab
Silver Lake Dam Repairs
Awarded to Mar-Allen Concrete
22-0016PW Bid Tab
Update to the City of Dover Wastewater System Master Plan
Awarded to Duffield Associates
22-0017WW Submission List
Single Phase Transformers for Stock
Awarded to Central Moloney
22-0018WH Bid Tab
Procurement of Software & Services for SCADA System Master Station Upgrade
Awarded to Survalent
22-0019EL Submission List
Diesel Powered 7.3 Cubic Yard Volumetric Capacity Street Sweeper
Awarded to THC Enterprises
22-0020PW Bid Tab
Truck Mounted Single Engine Jet/Vacuum Combination Sewer Cleaner
Awarded to THC Enterprises
22-0021PW Bid Tab
Trailer Mounted Generator
Awarded to Fidelity Engineering
22-0022WW Bid Tab
Demolition of 209 N New Street, Dover DE
Cancelled by Planning/Inspections

PME-9 Switchgear for Stock
Awarded to Anixter for S & C Equipment
22-0025WH Bid Tab
Demolition of 209 N New Street
Awarded to Sunnyfield Contractors
22-0026PI Bid Tab
Silver Lake Production Well
No submissions received

Transformers for Stock
Awarded to Anixter
22-0028WH Bid Tab
Auditing Services for the City of Dover
Awarded to SB and Company
22-0029FN Submission List
Curbside Recycling Services
Awarded to Waste Industries of Delaware
22-0030PW Submission List
100 Foot Heavy Duty Aerial Tower
Awarded to Atlantic Emergency
22-0031FD Bid Tab
Sale of Surplus Property
Awarded to Tolano Anderson
22-0032CM Bid Tab
Silver Lake Production Well
Awarded to Davis, Bowen, Friedel, Inc.22-0033WW Submission List
Design and Construction of McKee Run Control House
No submissions received

North State Street Water Main Replacement
Awarded to A-Del Construction
22-0035WW Bid Tab
Garrison Oak Technical Park Metal Clad Switchgear
Awarded to Siemens Energy
22-0036EL Submission List

FY 2021 Bid/RFP Results
Bid/RFP Number
Downloadable Information
09/15/2020Elevated Water Storage Tank Inspection and Maintenance21-0001WWAwarded to Corrosion Control Corporation21-0001WW Submission List
09/08/2020West Street Flooding Feasibility Study21-0002PWAwarded to Pennoni Associates21-0002PW Submission List
09/09/2020East Lake Garden Drainage Basin Improvements Engineering Design Support21-0003PWAwarded to Davis, Bowen, & Friedel21-0003PW Submission List
09/10/2020Mirror Lake Drainage Basin Improvements Engineering Design Support21-0004PWAwarded to Davis, Bowen, & Friedel21-0004PW Submission List
09/16/2020HVAC Design and Install Electric Administration Building21-0005CSAwarded to Statewide Mechanical21-0005CS Submission List
09/16/2020HVAC Design and Install City Hall Building21-0006CSAwarded to Statewide Mechanical21-0006CS Submission List
09/17/2020HVAC Design and Install Warehouse Building21-0007CSAwarded to Statewide Mechanical21-0007CS Submission List
09/10/2020Three Phase Transformers for Stock21-0008CSAwarded to Ermco21-0008CS Bid Tab
10/21/2020Scada Equipment Technology Upgrade21-0009WWAwarded to Freemire & Associates21-0009WW Bid Tab
10/15/2020College Road Pump Station Upgrade, Engineering Design Support21-0010WWAwarded to Remington & Vernick21-0010WW Submission List
09/30/2020PME-11 Switchgear for Stock21-0011CSAwarded to Anixter21-0011CS Bid Tab 
10/27/2020Furnishing & Installation of Chiller, Cooling Tower, and Pumps Replacement for City of Dover Police Station21-0012PDAwarded to Service Unlimited21-0012PD Submission List
10/28/2020Updating the City of Dover Water Master Plan21-0013WWAwarded to Whitman, Requardt and Associates21-0013WW Submission List
12/15/2020Master Planning Services for Silver Lake Park21-0014PRCancelled by Parks & Rec
12/01/2020Ross Street and West Street Alley West Water Main Replacement21-0015WWAwarded to Teal Construction21-0015WW Bid Tab
12/15/2020Directional Boring for the City of Dover21-0016ELAwarded to JR Smith, Inc.21-0016EL Submission List
12/16/2020Master Electrician Services for the City of Dover21-0017ELAwarded to All State Electrical Services21-0017EL Submission List
12/17/2020Fiber Maintenance for the City of Dover21-0018ELNo Submissions Received
01/05/2021Underground Linework for the City of Dover21-0019ELAwarded to JR Smith, Inc.21-0019EL Submission List
01/06/2021Landscaping Services for the City of Dover21-0020ELAwarded to JR Smith, Inc.21-0020EL Submission List
01/07/2021Overhead Linework for the City of Dover21-0021ELAwarded to AUI Power21-0021EL Submission List
02/08/2021Roof and Gutter Replacement at Weyandt Hall21-0022FMAwarded to Quality Exteriors21-0022FM Submission List
03/04/2021Bucket Truck Purchase for Electric Department21-0023ELAwarded to Altec Industries21-0023EL Bid Tab
02/24/2021PME-9 Switchgear & Primary Metering Cabinet for Stock21-0024WH

Awarded to Anixter

21-0024WH Bid Tab
03/09/2021Silver Lake Dam Repairs21-0025PWOnly submission declared non-responsive21-0025PW Bid Tab
03/11/2021US 13 East Pump Station (Station #7) Repairs21-0026WWCancelled by Water/Wastewater21-0026WW Bid Tab
03/10/2021HVAC Design and Install at Weyandt Hall (5 E Reed Street)21-0027FMNo Submissions Received
03/16/2021Fiber Maintenance for the City of Dover21-0028ELNo Submissions Received
03/25/2021Three Phase Transformers for Stock21-0029WHAwarded to Nexgen Power21-0029WH Bid Tab 
03/25/2021Consulting Environmental Services21-0030ELAwarded to Compliance Environmental21-0030EL Submission List 
04/20/2021Three Phase Transformers for Stock21-0031WHAwarded to Anixter/Eaton21-0031WH Bid Tab 
04/21/2021FY 2021B Street and Alley Program21-0032PWCancelled by Procurement
04/27/202122 Cubic Yard Automated Side Loading Refuse Truck21-0033PWAwarded to The Pete Store21-0033PW Bid Tab 
04/29/2021FY2021 Street and Alley Program21-0034PWAwarded to GrassBusters Landscaping21-0034PW Bid Tab 
05/13/2021North Bradford Street Tree Removal21-0035PWCancelled by Public Works21-0035PW Bid Tab 
05/25/2021US 13 East Pump Station (Station #7) Force Main Repairs21-0036WWCancelled by Water/Wastewater21-0036WW Bid Tab 
05/26/2021Inflow and Infiltration Improvement21-0037WWCancelled by Water/Wastewater21-0037WW Bid Tab
05/19/2021Water Meter Term Contract21-0038WWCancelled by Water/Wastewater21-0038WW Submission List 
05/24/2021FY 2021B Street & Alley Program21-0039PWAwarded to Grassbusters Landscaping21-0039PW Bid Tab
07/08/2021Design and Build a Triple Combination Pumper for Fire Department21-0040FDAwarded to Atlantic Emergency21-0040FD Bid Tab 
07/07/2021US 13 East Pump Station (Station #7) Wet Well Relining21-0041WWCancelled by Water/Wastewater21-0041WW Bid Tab 
06/17/2021Three Phase Pad Mount Transformers for Stock21-0042WHAwarded to Anixter and Ermco/NTS21-0042WH Bid Tab 
07/15/2021Underground Utility Locating Services21-0043CODAwarded to W Locco21-0043COD Submission List 
07/14/2021Engineering Consultant Services for Electric Utility21-0044FNNo Submissions Received

FY 2020 Bid/RFP Results
Bid/RFP Number
Downloadable Information
10/14/2019Columbia Avenue Water Main Replacement20-0001PWAwarded to Teal Construction20-0001PW Bid Tab
10/28/2019FY20 Inflow and Infiltration Project20-0002PWAwarded to Gateway Construction20-0002PW Bid Tab
11/26/2019Engineer, Design, Construct, and Purchase of a Rescue-Pumper20-0003FDAwarded to Atlantic Emergency20-0003FD Bid Tab
10/17/2019Elevated Water Storage Tank Inspection and Maintenance20-0004PW

Cancelled by Public Works. 

Will be re-bid in next Fiscal Year

20-0004PW Submission List
12/12/2019Elevator Modernization at Weyandt Hall20-0005FMAwarded to Delaware Elevator20-0005FM Submission List
10/28/2019Three Phase Transformers for Stock20-0006CSAwarded to Ermco/NTS20-0006CS Tabulation
11/04/2019PME-9 Switchgear for Stock20-0007CSAwarded to Irby20-0007CS Tabulation
10/31/2019Shingled Roof and Gutter Replacement for City Hall20-0008FMCancelled by Central Services
10/31/2019Salary and Benefit Study20-0009HRRe-issued as 20-0016CM
11/12/2019Demolition of 320 W Division Street20-0010PICancelled by Inspection Department
11/18/2019Demolition of 34 S Queen Street20-0011PIAwarded to Gateway Construction20-0011PI Tabulation 
01/09/2020Demolition of 24 S Queen Street20-0012PICancelled by Inspection Dept.
11/11/2019Schutte Park Skate Park20-0013PRCancelled by Parks and Rec
02/10/2020FY20 Street and Alley Program20-0014PWAwarded to George & Lynch20-0014PW Tabulation
12/17/20192020 to 2024 Consolidated Plan20-0015PINo proposals received.
03/09/2020Classification, Compensation, and Benefit System Study20-0016CMAwarded to Segal Waters20-0016CM Submission List
04/13/2020Puncheon Run Pump Station Improvements20-0017PWAwarded to Kuhn Construction20-0017PW Tabulation
01/02/2020Pump Station #7 Repairs20-0018PWCancelled By Public Works
01/10/2020Demo of 28 S Queen Street20-0019PICancelled by Inspections Dept.
04/15/2020Chiller Replacement at Dover Police Station20-0020PWCancelled by Police Department
04/29/2020Development of the Silver Lake Dam Emergency Action Plan20-0021PWAwarded to Remington & Vernick20-0021PW Submission List
02/24/2020Demo of 726 Slaughter Street20-0022PICancelled by Inspections Dept.
02/24/2020Demo of 749 Oak Drive20-0023PICancelled by Inspections Dept.
03/19/2020Design Architect & Engineering Services for Five Recreation Projects20-0024CMAwarded to Whitman, Requardt, & Associates20-0024CM Submission List
03/25/2020Three Phase Transformers for Stock20-0025CSAwarded to Anixter20-0025CS Bid Tab
05/13/2020Demolition of 749 Oak Drive Dover, DE20-0026PIAwarded to Split Rock Materials20-0026PI Tabulation
05/27/2020Meeting House Branch Sewer Replacement20-0027PWAwarded to Teal Construction20-0027PW Tabulation
06/12/2020Engineering Design and Construction Support of New 69-12kV Substation20-0028ELAwarded to Aubrey Silvey20-0028EL Submission List