Day Trips

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New York CityLogo

Does it get any better than New York City, the City that never sleeps?  Jump on the motor coach and you will be taken to NY City and dropped off in the vicinity of Radio City Music Hall to explore and shop on your own.  

The bus will leave the Pitts Center parking lot promptly at 7 AM. We will depart from NYC at 7 PM and return to Dover approximately 10:30 PM. 

We do not offer refunds or credits if you cancel or miss the bus.  Minimum of 35, Maximum or 45.

  Activity #16NYCP04                                                     Activity #16NYCP06
  Day:  Saturday                                                               Day:  Saturday
  Date:  April 23                                                                Date:  June 18
  Departure Time:  7:00 am                                              Departure Time:  7:00 am
  Depart:  John W. Pitts Recreation Center                      Depart:  John W. Pitts Recreation Center

  Activity Fee: $37                                                             Activity Fee:  $37


  Activity #17NYCP08                                                       Activity #17NYCP09                 
  Day:  Saturday                                                                 Day:  Saturday                 
  Date:  August 20                                                              Date:  August 20
  Departure Time:  7:00 am                                                Departure Time:  7:00 am       
  Depart:  John W. Pitts Recreation Center                        Depart:  John W. Pitts Recreation Center      

  Activity Fee: $37                                                               Activity Fee:  $37

The Turkey Hill Experience

The Turkey Hill Experience features interactive exhibits allowing you to learn about dairy culture, the story of Turkey Hill Dairy and how the company's ice cream and iced tea flavors are selected and created.  You will truly experience what it's like to ba a Turkey Hill Dairy ice cream maker for a day,including the opportunity to create your own virtual ice cream flavor.  In addition, you can sit in our vintage milk truck, milk our mechanical cows, star in your very own Turkey Hill commercial, and enjoy plenty of free samples of iced tea and ice cream!  Visit the Turkey Hill Experience on Columbia, PA.  The trip will depart from Dover promptly at 8 am and leave for return to Dover at 2 pm (travel times are subject to change).  Your admission ticket is included in the activity fee.  Minimum of 35, Maximum or 45.

  Activity #16THEP06                      
  Day:  Friday                    
  Date:  June 24    
  Departure Time:  8:00 am           
  Depart:  John W. Pitts Recreation Center        

  Activity Fee: $45  


Have an idea for a day trip that you would like to see us offer?  Please let us know by calling (302)674-7541.