Bus Trips


New York City

Does it get any better than New York City, the City that never sleeps?  Jump on the motor coach and you will be taken to NY City and dropped off in the vicinity of Radio City Music Hall to explore and shop on your own.  The bus will leave the Pitts Center parking lot promptly at 7 AM. We will depart from NYC at 7 PM and return to Dover approximately 10:30 PM.   We do not offer refunds or credits if you cancel or miss the bus.  Minimum of 35, Maximum or 45.

Activity #17NYCP04
Day:  Saturday
Date:  April 22
Departure Time:  7:00 am
Depart:  John W. Pitts Recreation Center
Activity Fee:  $37

Washington Cherry Blossom Festival

Each year, the National Cherry Blossom Festival celebrates spring in Washington, DC, the gift of the cherry blossom trees, and the enduring friendship between the people of the United States and Japan. On this day they host the Annual Cherry Blossom Parade and we’ll arrive in time for you to find the perfect parade viewing spot.  You will be touring Washington on your own, so make plans and enjoy! History - In 1912, an incredible gift of 3,000 cherry blossom trees was bestowed on Washington, DC by Tokyo, Japan.  Rooted strongly and surviving outside elements, the trees have withstood the test of time – and a century later, the National Cherry Blossom Festival is preparing for an unprecedented and once-a-year celebration.

Activity #17WASP04
Day:  Saturday
Date:  April 8
Departure Time:  7:30am
Depart:  John W. Pitts Recreation Center
Return Time:  4:00pm
Activity Fee:  $30

2017 Philadelphia Flower Show
The 2017 PHS Philadelphia Flower Show will showcase the extraordinary plants, creativity and talent of this region’s top horticulturists and designers along with award winning landscape and floral designers from the Netherlands.   The Flower Show is a top destination and “must experience” horticultural event, attracting 250,000 visitors annually to the Pennsylvania Convention Center, a showcase of excellence that dates back to 1829.   From towering windmills, wooden shoes and delectable cheeses, to the whimsical bicycles, canals and vibrant tulip fields of the iconic Dutch landscape, the 2017 Flower Show will share the diverse stories of horticulture, innovative eco-design, and modern urban greening and sustainability efforts of the Netherlands.  Minimum of 35, Maximum of 45.  Activity Fee includes bus transportation and admission ticket.

Activity #17PHF03
Day:  Wednesday
Date:  March 15
Departure Time: 8:00 am
Depart:  John W. Pitts Recreation Center
Return Time:   4:00 pm
Activity Fee:  $45