Payment Services


Payment Options
The payment options listed will be considered when requested by the residential customer meeting the
minimum qualifications: maintained a good credit rating with the City of Dover, and have a zero balance due 

at the time the application is submitted for enrollment. Arrangements will be considered only with the customer whose 
name is on the account. Customers enrolled in the payment options listed are not eligible for extensions.
 Contact Customer Services (302) 736-7035 for more detail.

Third-Party Notification 

  • If you are ill, unable to manage your own business affairs or plan to be away from home for an
    extended period of time, you may designate a relative, friend or other third-party to be made aware
    of your disconnection notice for non-payment.
    • The third-party is not obligated to pay the bill, nor have any legal responsibility.
    • The third-party person can arrange payment of your bill or investigate the situation on your behalf.

      Short-Term Installment Payment Plan 
  • If a customer is experiencing temporary financial hardship or have an unusual high bill, a tailored
    payment arrangement aimed at bringing the account to a zero balance due over a mutually agreeable period
    of time will be considered.
    • Installment payment agreements are  made in writing and signed  by the customer.
    • The City is not obligated to renew or make another agreement on the same debt.
    • Failure to keep the agreement  will void the agreement  and collection actions or disconnection of
      service will proceed.
  •    Late charges will continue to accrue on any unpaid balances while in an active payment arrangement.  

   Special Pay Date 

  • Is for residential customers whose main source of total household income is from government or other
    low-income entitlement programs.
    (Disability Payments, Social Security Benefits, AFDC, other, Government Sponsored Low-Income Assistance Programs).
    Because assistance income may not arrive until around the 1st day of each month, a qualified residential
    customer who has an electric
    due date that expires before their income is received, may request an extension on the due date.
  • Current proof of assistance income is required. 
    • The new due date would coincide each month with their income date.
    • The customer would not have to pay a late penalty on that electric bill.
  • Customers enrolled in the payment options listed are not eligible for extensions.
    • Failure to maintain the terms and condition of the payment plan will result in 
      removal from the plan. 

Special Assistance & Other Resources

 Medical Certification Program 

The customer with a medical necessity for electrical and water services is urged to make emergency arrangements
 ahead of time to prepare for extended outages.
We understand the inconvenience and hardship that loss of power presents. Whatever the cause of an outage,
planning ahead is essential. Contact your healthcare provider to discuss other alternatives.

  • The best way to protect food and medicine that must be refrigerated is with regular ice in an insulated cooler.
    Ice is inexpensive, easy to use and readily available from a local store. Melted ice can dub as a second
    sources of water supply.
  • Customers who experience medical distress due to a power outage are advised to seek immediate
    medical assistance.
  • If termination of electric service shall adversely affect the health or recovery of the customer at the address,
    the customer can have a Delaware Licensed healthcare provider
    fax a completed City of Dover Medical Certification Form for review to (302)736-7193.
    The form must be completed to avoid delay/denial in processing.           

 Important: The Medical Certification in no way releases the customer from their obligation to pay their 
monthly utility bill in accordance with the City of Dover's defined payment terms.     
Please note:  Late charges will continue to accrue on any unpaid balances.     

 Charitable Assistance Programs 

We care about our customers and recognize that some face financial challenges. The City has designed for our
customers who are having difficulty paying their electric bill a general information tool, listing charitable agencies,
state programs, and community emergency resources that can be used by eligible households seeking financial support.
The customer guide in no way constitutes a written or expressed referral or guarantee from the City between you and

the agencies listed. All information printed is current as of the date printed on the brochure. 

      DISCLAIMER:     The information is prepared for you as a general guide to our utility policy. Please understand that it does not cover all circumstances and that it might not include specific details on a subject which interests you. If you have questions that are not covered here or want information on any subject, please give us a call. We are here to serve you!