Parking Permits

Residential and Business Parking Permits

Parking permits are issued in accordance with the procedures established in [ Dover Code of Ordinances, Sec. 106-135 . The permits expire annually on July 15th. The Special Enforcement Unit of the Police Department is responsible for assigning permit colors to the specific areas each year.

Residential Parking

  • A resident of a designated residential parking area may be issued no more than (3) parking stickers (one per vehicle)

Business Parking

  • Business employees in designated areas may receive a residential parking permit. This sticker exempts the vehicle from the time-limit parking restrictions only in the designated area.
  • A business may only be issued (1) sticker per business address .
  • The State of Delaware is considered one business, regardless of how many different offices are located in the building.
  • A building with several 'suites' housing different businesses is entitled to one sticker per 'suite'.
  • Local, county, and state agencies as well as courts are each considered one business.

Renewal / Changes

When a resident has a change of address, they are required to make a new application for a permit within two weeks. If a resident is at the 3-sticker maximum and wishes to obtain a permit for a newly purchased vehicle, they must provide:

  • A copy of the 'bill of sale' showing trade-in of the previously-issued vehicle or
  • Provide the (peeled) sticker

Temporary Parking

Any request for temporary permits for visitors, or for exceptions to the parking restrictions for any reason (ex: moving vans, construction) should be referred to the Police Department .

  • Temporary permits will not be issued for more than thirty (30) days.

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