Your Utility Bill


Your Utility Bill 

The amount you pay for electricity each month is the total of the Energy Charge, the Fuel Adjustment Charge, (if applicable), and a basic Customer Charge. The amount you pay for water / wastewater each month is the total of your flow Charges, Groundwater Charge, Kent County Sewer Adjustment Charge, and your Water / Wastewater Customer Charges.

Your bill amount is calculated based on the usage for each service. 


  •    KWH ENERGY CHARGE   ⇒ The cost of kilowatt-hour of electricity you use each month. 
  •    CUSTOMER CHARGE   ⇒ A fixed charge that covers the cost of maintaining a customer in our distribution system. 
  •    FUEL ADJUSTMENT CHARGE   ⇒ The cost of the oil and gas needed to generate electricity (if applicable). 
  •    GREEN ENERGY CHARGE     ⇒ A charge mandated by the State of Delaware based on electric Kwh consumption 
  •    RETURN CONSUMPTION ADJUSTMENT    ⇒Net metering return consumption energy program.

Water / Wastewater:

  •    WATER FLOW CHARGE     ⇒ The amount of water used in a billing period measured in thousand gallons (Tgal). 
  •    LAWN FLOW CHARGE   ⇒ Irrigation meter measures the amount of water (Tgals) usage in a billing period. 
  •   GROUNDWATER CHARGE ⇒ An incorporated sewer charge for treatment of invasive rain or ground water. 
  •    WASTEWATER CHARGE   ⇒ The cost of the thousand gallons of sewer based on the flow of water through the meter. 
  •    KENT COUNTY SEWER ADJUSTMENT   ⇒ A  charge paid to Kent County for the treatment of wastewater.

Non-Metered Services:

  •  Trash Service Fees ⇒This service is billed on a monthly basis to inside City limits residents only.
  • Outdoor Lighting ⇒A monthly charge to customers who add an additional light to their property for security reasons.

Commercial & Industrial Accounts:

Billing Cycle 

Dover is divided into four separate areas and provides limited services to incorporated locations. The area of the city you live in determines the date your meter is read, the date we mail your bill, and the date your bill is due each month.  

  • The difference between the current and previous meter reading gives you the usage for the current billing period.
  • The read date cycle covers an average of 30 days. (The date of your previous meter reading to the date of your present)
  • An Estimated bill may occur if our meter reader is unable to read your meter. (ex., increment weather) A true reading will be automatically adjusted on the next available reading.
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      DISCLAIMER:     The information is prepared for you as a general guide to our utility policy. Please understand that it does not cover all circumstances and that it might not include specific details on a subject which interests you. If you have questions that are not covered here or want information on any subject, please give us a call. We are here to serve you!