City Council, Committee, Commissions and Boards Minutes

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All Municipal Meetings (includes current agendas)

Ad Hoc Financial & Operational Advisory Committee

Bicycle/Pedestrian Subcommittee (SA&T)

Board of Adjustment

Board of Assessment Appeals Committee

City Council


Civilian and Police Pension Boards

Civilian Pension Board

Community Development Board

Compensation Commission

Consolidated Plan Advisory Group

Construction Code Appeals Committee

Council Committee of the Whole

DDP Design Committee

DDP Economic Development and Restucturing Committee

DDP Marketing and Promotions Committee

DDP Merchant Committee

DDP Organization Committee

DDP Parking Committee

DDP Special Events Subcommittee

DDP Web / E-Commerce Subcommittee

Development Advisory Committee (DAC)

Downtown Dover Partnership Board

Election Board

Ethics Commission

Greater Dover Arts Council

Health Benefits Committee

Health Insurance Cost Research Ad Hoc Committee

Historic District Commission

Human Relations Commission

Joint LF&A and SA&T Committee

Joint LF&A Committee and Election Board

Joint Civilian and Police Pension Boards and OPEB Board

Legislative, Finance, and Administration Committee

Library Commission

Other Post Employment Benefits OPEB Board

Parking Authority

Parks, Recreation, and Community Enhancement Committee

Planning Commission

Police Pension Board

President's Counsel on Public/Private Partnerships and the Future of City Hall, Weyandt Hall, Former Dover Library, and Other City Properties

Property Maintenance Code Board of Appeals

Safety Advisory and Transportation Committee

Salary and Benefits Compensation Comparison Committee

Search Committee

Silver Lake Commission

St. Jones Greenway Commission

Tax Exemption Review Committee

Utility Committee

Youth Advisory Committee